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Client 1

I first went to Deborah for counselling in 2014 for about 7 months and because she was so helpful I wanted to go back to her rather than find a different counsellor, for additional counselling on a different issue this year.
I received counselling on a range of issues including marriage difficulties, dealing with step children, coping with an autistic child and recovering from a cult-like religious organisation.
In each session I was able to talk through the difficulties I was facing with each issue and Deborah was able to help me focus on solutions and relieve the anxiety and anger I felt while coming to terms with my challenges. I always left the sessions feeling like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.
At the beginning of my first period of counselling, I didn't feel like there was anyway of dealing with the multiple issues I had to face. However I received such good counselling and Deborah's manner is quiet, calm and reassuring that it gave me confidence that I could find the answers. I was able to let go of a lot of my anxiety with regards to some of the above issues, so when other problems surfaced earlier this year, I knew I wanted to go back to Deborah rather than see anyone else.
Again I finished counselling feeling like a lot of my issues were resolved because she helped me figure out how to cope with them. I absolutely would not hesitate to go back to counselling with Deborah again if the need ever arose. Just knowing I had a session with her every week helped me channel my energies to finding a solution instead of taking it out on the people around me. It gave me a much needed outlet for discussing anything I needed to without worrying that my comments would hurt any family members. In short, she saved my sanity.
I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah as a counselor and would be happy to provide any further testimonials should they be required.

Client 2

“When I started seeing Deborah I had a vague idea that I wanted to change how I thought day to day. From this abstract idea she spent the time to really understand my individual issues and the underlying causes.
As I talked about my experiences and thoughts Deborah would occasionally ask a question or challenge an assumption I had made. By doing this I was given an alternative perspective that helped me better understand a situation. I think this is a very effective technique that I’ve applied to my everyday life.
During our sessions I learned a lot about myself and the people close to me. As a result I know what it is that I personally need and how to go about getting it.
I feel more confident and most importantly more capable to solve my own problems in the future. I cannot recommend Deborah enough.”